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AugAugust Newsletter – 2022

Exploring worthwhile investments in 2022, with direct focus on alternative financing & distributed ledger technology companies

OTC’s have a growing investor base and price action volatility drawing in risk takers. Finding the right tickers in this emerging sector can become very profitable.

Just to mention a few of the latest buzzworthy OTC movers that may “ring a bell.”

CZNI – bowmo™, Inc. Completes a reverse triangular merger with Cruzani, Inc. (CZNI) Cruzani, Inc. (Form: 8-K/A, Received: 07/01/2022 17:03:20) (otcmarkets.com)

TXTM – Protext Mobility, Inc. closed on a transaction June 3rd, 2022, whereby it acquired 100% interest in RSAMMD Acquisitions LLC. Republic of South Africa Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Acquisitions LLC (RSAMMDA.LLC) Completes Acquisition of Protext Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) | TXTM – ProText Mobility, Inc. | News | OTC Markets

RMSL – RemSleep Holdings Inc. Announces Acceptance and Approval of the Company’s OTCQB Application. RemSleep Holdings Inc. Announces Acceptance and Approval of the Company’s OTCQB Application | RMSL – RemSleep Holdings, Inc. | News | OTC Markets

JTBK – Jetblack Corp. works towards a goal of reaching a binding agreement on a deal with assets totaling over $1,000,000,000 Jetblack Corp. Corporate Update | JTBK – Jetblack Corp. | News | OTC Markets

HIRU – Hiru announced that it has made application for SQF Certification so they may start co-packing for Walmart, Inc., and other larger retail outlets. HIRU CORPORATION – SQF Certification | HIRU – Hiru Corp. | News | OTC Markets


OTCIs now the time to buy distressed Fintech OTC’s?

Growing companies are always worth a look for investors, regardless the exchange.

Fintech specifically the alternative funding platforms could accelerate in this distressed arena over the next year. Especially if they propose more exposure from new tech in other similar markets. These OTC companies are not particularly distressed as other capital markets and cryptocurrencies of this alternative lending and disruptive sector. But more so starting to form a proof of work, establish funding and cash capital. During a bottom when less investors are actively searching this sector for investments this may be the best time to search for growth investments.

Sectors of artificial intelligence, short-term alternative funding platforms, and electronic payment solutions. Could be the next investment sector to focus on in OTC. Tickers like APTY, NSAV, XALL, HMBL, and newcomer ATHC all fall into this fintech sector while offering broader market penetration for investors. We’ll highlight some of the latest news and price action ahead of 3rd quarter filings and take an in-depth look at our featured pick.

We break it down….

in this review of fintech tickers for investment opportunities


APTY – APT Systems, Inc. traded near highs of $0.028 in 2021. Now down substantially in 2022 trading from $0.014 price range to the current price range of just under $0.003. With the current Market Cap of $7,629,290 some of the distressed price can be due to the current share structure.

as of this publication:

The stock has the ability and price range to yield profits heading into 2023. This Fintech company has market exposure to stablecoins. Stablecoins are a form of cryptocurrency that are designed to hold value against traditional currencies like US dollars or commodities such as gold. Stablecoins help avoid the volatility that makes Bitcoin or other digital tokens impractical for most day-to-day commerce. APT Systems, Inc. recently gave access to its wallets that seamlessly facilitate deposits and withdrawals for Spera users as the company brings its SPRA stablecoin onto the market.

APT Systems Integration Completed Supporting Spera Wallet Deposits | APTY – APT Systems Inc. | News | OTC Markets


NSAV – traded near highs of $0.12 in 2021. Also, down substantially in 2022 trading from $0.029 price range to the current price range of just under $0.005. With the current Market Cap of $27,536,119 some of the distressed price can also be due to the current share structure.

as of this publication:

In recent news NSAV and Vagabond are focused on value chains, delivering carbon-neutral ecosystems to protect and improve operational processes and data through a performant, green, and secure infrastructure. VagaChain collaboration is at the center of the growth and innovation agenda providing increased Life Cycle transparency, as well as reducing cost and risk across the entire value chain. VagaChain is a robust, low emission, fast blockchain with industry-standard use-cases and a trusted ecosystem of people, standards, tooling, and practices for innovative green solutions. The blockchain is currently live on the Testnet and is set to be released on Mainnet, including Wallet & DEX in Q4 2022, with its native coin $VAGA listed on major exchanges.

Though NSAV’s current price action has yet to see any results from the announcement. With its current price level and future expectations could yield an investor worthy eye to possibilities heading into 2023.

NSAV – Net Savings Link, Inc. | Company Profile | OTC Markets


XALL – traded at highs over $0.04 in early 2021. Since then, has continued to slide through 2022 trading season. Gaining traction from a low $0.003 price range in June to the current price range of just under $0.006. With the current Market Cap of $6,742,322 some of the price volatility could be due to management’s ability to communicate with retail, while in economic turmoil market wide.

as of this publication:

Some of the current price correction may be contributed to recent news. In our opinion the Reg 1A from Jan 18th may have pointed retail traders in a solid direction by mid-2022. The filing is structured to raise up to $10 million at a price of $0.025 per share. This process and fundraising initiative will also enable Xalles to become fully SEC reporting and uplist to the OTCQB also known as The Venture Market.

Xalles Files Form 1-A with SEC for Regulation A+ Fundraising | XALL – Xalles Holdings Inc. | News | OTC Markets

Xalles Holdings Inc. is a holding company that focuses on the acquisition, alignment, and growth of disruptive fintech companies. The company actively seeks targets in which it can acquire and accelerate market expansion. As Xalles total assets continue to grow since 2019, XALL remains on our Fintech hotlist. With a large umbrella of subsidiaries in fintech and technology incubator program the future could yield a worthy investment during these economic conditions.XALL – Xalles Holdings Inc. | Company Profile | OTC Markets


HMBL – traded at highs over $6.84 in early Feb. 2021. Since then, has sold off for more than 16 months. At the rate of more than 200 million shares per year entering the market registered through an S1, gaining traction is not a word recently related to HUMBL Inc. Touching a 552-weeklow of $0.045 in June may have finally signaled a bottom. Breaking $0.10 in July and falling to a support level of $0.06. The stock begins to form a base and building. With a current sizable Market Cap of $115,834,046 some of the price volatility occurs from continued internal funding.

as of this publication:

With the S1 still in effect and Net Losses from continuing operations exceeding $49.6M annually. It may not be time to buy HMBL just yet. HUMBL made our top fintech hotlist due to technical and speculation. As the company turns a new leaf from warrants exercised and Net cash from financing activities.

HMBL closed out 2021 cash positive by $3,493,213. Giving management the power to expand in tech sectors gaining revenue creating channels during an economic downtrend. Having cash and share structure to expand and capitalize in distressed businesses has paid off in the past. HUMBL is a Web 3 platform being developed to seamlessly connect consumers and merchants in the digital economy, across its Mobile Applications, Marketplace, and financial divisions. HMBL – HUMBL Inc. | Company Profile | OTC Markets


Monthly Feature


ATHC – Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. traded near highs of $0.80 in late 2021 during the company’s inception. Now down more than 50% in 2022, trading from $0.58 price range to the current price range of just under $0.18. With the current Market Cap of $1,590,361 some of the distressed price is due to the micro share structure and recognition as a new company in the growing OTC community.

as of this publication:

Who is Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation?

(OTC PINK: ATHC) is a publicly traded full-service end-to-end business solution and technology company that specializes in cloud-based disruptive technologies. ATHC provides consulting and enterprise-level technology services and operates disruptive technologies products in the sectors of artificial intelligence, short-term alternative funding platforms, electronic payment solutions, social engagement, health, and wellness solutions. ATHC’s expertise lies in consumer Internet, cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS), mobile software and services, software-powered consumer electronics, infrastructure and applications software, networking, storage, databases, and other backend systems. ATHC’s infrastructure can accommodate most business sectors ranging from small local business to national conglomerates.ATHC – Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. | Company Profile | OTC Markets

What is management doing right in the Fintech Sector

We review Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation’s latest list of developments in this fintech space and breakdown why ATHC is one of our featured picks of 2022-2023 as the company increases its team of industry icons and prepares for phase 1 deployment of its synergies:

  • KashOnDemand, delivers access for small businesses to sustainable financing 24/7.
  • ShieldMost is a health, wellness, and media platform.
  • InstaMaven is a mobile application that allows professionals and hobbyists to monetize their skills, knowledge, and experience by connecting them with people seeking such services and advice, instantly, online and on demand.

Since ATHC’s completion of OTCIQ on Oct 29th, 2021, management has been working diligently towards transparency, filing on time and plans to uplist. Not to mention a wide variety of management expansions, strategic partnerships, reseller agreements and product launches.

Nov 5th the Company signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Atlas MBA Family of Companies to further our reach with SMBs nationwide. enable Accelerated to deploy its disruptive FinTech solutions to local merchants operating in retail, online and mobile environments. The solutions enable SMBs to automate and digitize workflows while engaging micro marketing tactics for merchant revenue growth.

Nov 9th, 2021, The appointment of Harry Falkenburg, formerly the Director of Risk and Capital Markets, as CEO and Chairman of The Board. Mr. Falkenburg is a quantitative thinker with extensive expertise in defense, telecommunications, energy, transportation, debt, and capital markets, domestically and in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Nov 10th, 2021, ATHC strategically expanded its Advisory Board and appointed veteran industry icons to its advisory board. Gary Levi, entrepreneur with a lengthy career in government and extensive expertise in domestic and international trade, marketing, and public relations. Kent Swig, real estate mogul, hotelier, co-founder of DiGau (gold. backed crypto), entrepreneur, public speaker, frequent guest on Bloomberg. Stephanie Wooten a payment industry veteran with focus revenue management and experience in domestic and global electronic payment sectors. In the last 20 years, Stephanie built and lead sales teams at ADP, First Data (now Nasdaq: FISV) and Vantiv (now FIS)

Nov 29th, 2021, ATHC further strengthens its Advisory Board with the appointment of New York Super Lawyer Wayne M. Greenwald, Esq. Wayne M. Greenwald has been concentrating in debtor-creditor law for more than 40 years. He was the assistant chair of the Defense Research Institute’s Special Litigation Group on Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy. He formerly served as co-chair of the American Bankruptcy Institute’s commercial fraud task force.

Nov 29th, 2021, Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation will settle its first Crypto Currency transaction (BTC), via ROMPOS, this week. ATHC will next test Ethereum (ETH) and several related tokens, Dash (DASH), Dodge (DOGE, and Litecoin (LTE). Additionally, ATHC is exploring the addition of SHIBA INU (SHIB) to be added for payments.

After reviewing the past 9 months of backend growth and experienced additions to the ATHC team, you can see why this ticker makes our featured “pick of the month” ahead of product rollouts. Nondilutive, low float and underpriced with a $1.6M Market Cap we will be taking a serious look at ATHC over the next few quarters. Price to sales ratios in this sector averaged at 3.13 and yield 32.33% Net margins. We could see substantial changes in the coming months. In future articles look forward to more coverage as ATHC rolls through phase 1 in Q3 2022.

ATHC.COM       ROMPOS.COM       INSTAMAVEN.COM       https://twitter.com/ATHCOTC


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