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What is Alternative Lending

A simple approach

Alternative Lending

A simple approach to Alternative Lending

Alternative lending refers to any loan that is secured outside of a traditional banking institution. There are many types of loans that fall under the umbrella of alternative finance Everything from direct lending and equity financing to debt financing.

While the lending options vary, what alternative lending companies share in common is their specialization in business lending and financing options, rather than all the other services of traditional banking.

Alternative lenders are also more readily accessible than banks, and often offer a streamlined lending process owing to their use of online tools. Providing greater flexibility surrounding certain loan requirements like credit score and annual revenue.

Top stocks as alternative lenders

$TREE – LendingTree, Inc – LendingTree: You Win

$SOFI – SOFI Technologies, Inc – Great Rates. Great Benefits.

$UPST – Upstart Holdings, Inc – Upstart Powered Loans

$GS – Marcus by Goldman Sachs Group, Inc – Marcus by Goldman Sachs®

Private alternative lenders

CredibleLending.com – Credible Lending

Upgrade.com – Upgrade – Personal Loans

AmONE.com – Personal Loans with Great Rates




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