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BIEI posts multiple disclosures – pointing to pink current status and possible merger

Could this be a sign of a merger coming?

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BIEI – Multiple disclosures post to OTC Markets

Our first mention of $BIEI was in September Newsletter ‣ TradersQue ‣ 2022  The company $HALB had obtained BIEI – Premier Biomedical Inc’s intellectual property to be housed under HALB.  Leaving the ticker $BIEI as a shell, making our hotlist of possible merger candidates for the future. The company now refers to Premier Holdings Corporation (BIEI) but the profile on OTC Markets has yet to present this update.

Since then the company has dropped 10 disclosures in what appears to be a move to get pink current. The latest filing bringing the company up to date on OTC guidelines.

Will this be a merger finally coming to fruition? We could speculate but our duty to our subscribers is to focus on microcap tickers with opportunity, not to inflate ego’s. We’ll have to stay glued to the company and OTC Markets for possible news. Below are the recent links to BIEI disclosures and OTC Markets Company Profile page.


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