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What is Distributed Ledger Technology

Blockchain technology

World of trading

Markets are changing, and blockchain backed technology is what investors want.

Distributed Ledger Technology, more commonly referred to as Blockchain, is another more recent technology set to disrupt most industries worldwide. Blockchain was developed, along with its first application, Bitcoin, to disrupt the financial industry. Through its cryptography and decentralized components, rendering any need for third party banks or loan departments.

Blockchain’s 3 primary features: decentralization, transparency, and security

Aimed to make the financial industry more secure while reducing fees, allowing for faster transactions, and free from control by a single point of authority.

However, Blockchain technology has become much more than just a solution for financial services. The same features that are improving the deficits of the financial services industry can resolve the inefficiencies of every other industry. We can now place both physical and intangible assets such as copyrights, commodities, or land ownership rights on to the blockchain for secure proof of ownership and easier transferability.

You can borrow loans in multiple cryptocurrencies including USDC, USDT, BTC and ETH.

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BTCchartJulyCryptocurrency investors have been withdrawing Bitcoin ($BTC) from cryptocurrency exchanges at the “most aggressive rate in history” as total exchange outflows in June peaked at 151,000 BTC, worth over $3 billion. Bitcoin has fallen more than 53% since the start of 2022

BTCUSD — Bitcoin Chart and Price — TradingView




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