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BZWR- Coverage Initiated

TradersQue has initiated coverage on Business Warrior (BZWR)(OTC).


TradersQue has initiated coverage on Business Warrior (BZWR)(OTCQB). Our analyst will issue their first rating on BZWR in a series of forthcoming articles.


BZWR hits our list nearing lows while
recently up listing to OTCQB. In a series
of in-depth reviews, we take a look at what
opportunities the company has to succeed


Growing Small Businesses with Fast Funding and powerful Data


Summary of topics in review

  • SAAS Lending platform for small businesses
  • Monthly ongoing revenue and speculations
  • Partnership with Bottom Line Savings
  • Alchemy & Helix House acquisitions
  • Business coordination, marketing and funding 
  • BZWR lending scoring system
  • Emerging Growth Conference August 2022
  • Future plans and outlook
  • Charts and technical analysis


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