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Buzzworthy OTC movers

Highlights and top movers in the OTC

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Buzzworthy e1659519958176

Buzzworthy OTC movers

OTC’s have a growing investor base and price action volatility drawing in risk takers. Finding the right tickers in this emerging sector can become very profitable.

Just to mention a few of the latest buzzworthy OTC movers that may “ring a bell.”

CZNI – bowmo™, Inc. Completes a reverse triangular merger with Cruzani, Inc. (CZNI) Cruzani, Inc. (Form: 8-K/A, Received: 07/01/2022 17:03:20) (otcmarkets.com)

TXTM – Protext Mobility, Inc. closed on a transaction June 3rd, 2022, whereby it acquired 100% interest in RSAMMD Acquisitions LLC. Republic of South Africa Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Acquisitions LLC (RSAMMDA.LLC) Completes Acquisition of Protext Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) | TXTM – ProText Mobility, Inc. | News | OTC Markets

RMSL – RemSleep Holdings Inc. Announces Acceptance and Approval of the Company’s OTCQB Application. RemSleep Holdings Inc. Announces Acceptance and Approval of the Company’s OTCQB Application | RMSL – RemSleep Holdings, Inc. | News | OTC Markets

JTBK – Jetblack Corp. works towards a goal of reaching a binding agreement on a deal with assets totaling over $1,000,000,000 Jetblack Corp. Corporate Update | JTBK – Jetblack Corp. | News | OTC Markets

HIRU – Hiru announced that it has made application for SQF Certification so they may start co-packing for Walmart, Inc., and other larger retail outlets. HIRU CORPORATION – SQF Certification | HIRU – Hiru Corp. | News | OTC Markets

Is now the time to buy distressed Fintech OTC’s?

Growing companies are always worth a look for investors, regardless the exchange.

Fintech specifically the alternative funding platforms could accelerate in this distressed arena over the next year. Especially if they propose more exposure from new tech in other similar markets. These OTC companies are not particularly distressed as other capital markets and cryptocurrencies of this alternative lending and disruptive sector. But more so starting to form a proof of work, establish funding and cash capital. During a bottom when less investors are actively searching this sector for investments this may be the best time to search for growth investments.

Sectors of artificial intelligence, short-term alternative funding platforms, and electronic payment solutions. Could be the next investment sector to focus on in OTC. Tickers like APTYNSAVXALLHMBL, and newcomer ATHC all fall into this fintech sector while offering broader market penetration for investors. We’ll highlight some of the latest news and price action ahead of 3rd quarter filings and take an in-depth look at our featured pick.



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