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SYAXF – Large lithium projects coming together

Plans continue for the largest lithium hub in North America


Sayona Mining Limited is full speed ahead.

Sayona Mining Limited continues to move in the direction of creating the largest lithium mining and production hub in North America. Together with their strategic partner Piedmont Lithium Inc. (Nasdaq: PLL; ASX: PLL) they have successfully acquired North American Lithium. The company, located in Quebec, Canada, is an established lithium producer and concentrator. Sayona is currently on track to restart Spodumene concentrate production in the 1st quarter of 2023. This will make them the ONLY North American local supplier of lithium concentrates for battery production. They also have several lithium projects coming together in the same area.


A combination of world class lithium reserves

North American Lithium
North American Lithium

With the acquisition of NAL and its processing facility, Sayana mining’s Quebec operations have only increased.  The Authier Project located adjacent to NAL’s operation was 100% acquired in 2016 by Sayona. The key takeaways from this are the proximity to excellent infrastructure, labor market, and cheap hydroelectric power. The city of Val d’Or is situated 45 kilometers away and is a major mining hub supplying services and supplies to area mines. There are also nearby rail facilities leading directly to export port facilities just to the east of the mines. The Authier project would be an open pit mine running east-west to access the spodium bearing reserve.

Authier Project Open Pit simulation
Authier Project Open Pit simulation
Authier Regional Infrastructure
Map of Locations in Quebec


The Tansim Lithium Project

Tansim is another lithium project consisting of 180 mineral claims and a potential 5 million to 25 million tons of high grade Li2O as well as other minerals mainly Tantalum and beryllium. Exploration is underway to determine the best claims to possibly identify a new lithium mining project. The Tansim project is situated 82 Kilometers to the south-west of the Authier project.


Sayona and future projects

Sayona will be a leading provider of not only raw lithium but also lithium hydroxide concentrates. With future plans for downstream production and concentration that will supply the lower 48 US with this critical component in batteries for the EV sector along with their partner Piedmont lithium. Piedmont has plans for a lithium hydroxide concentrator and processing plant in North Carolina where they also have their Gaston County lithium mine expansion plans in progress. This article strictly covered Sayona’s North American operations. See links below where there is much more to this complex mining company.



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