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Introducing BioLargo, a Long-term Winner with Short-term Potential

Beginning in 2023, the EPA will begin wide-scale regulatory testing of public water systems to document PFAS concentrations as part and parcel of its strategic roadmap to PFAS removal.

BYOC – Beyond Commerce, Inc. Breaking Down Walls

Speculation of a possible EV merger deal yet to be defined.

DarkPulse Inc. conference on Tuesday, @PressClubDC

DarkPulse Inc creates globally connected communities, cities, & countries - Welcome to Your World ™ #infratech #infrastructure OTC:DPLS. $DPLS

SYAXF – Large lithium projects coming together

Sayona Mining Limited is full speed ahead. (ASX: SYA - OTCQB: SYAXF) Sayona Mining Limited continues to move in the direction of creating the largest lithium...

NAFS- Appoints new CEO

NAFS (OTC Pink) Appoints new CEO as it shifts to reorganize into Fintech, Web 3.0 and DeFi markets

Share structures and how it can affect a stocks volatility.

Share structures, and especially float, plays a key role in trading because it controls the liquidity of a stock.